Friday, March 2, 2012

10 Things Every Black Woman Should Have- My List

This article came across my timeline today via @urbancusp, "10 Things Every Black Woman Should Have"- I tweeted my list earlier today. Here is my list: 10 Things Every Black Woman Should Have 1. A sense of self- self love is an important part of self worth 2. A sense of history- know your ancestors, your community and those not like you 3. A sense of time- stay in the present- learn from the past, don't give up on your future 4. A sense of laughter- find the joy and gratitude in each day 5. A sense of family- Be it family of origin or family of choice- get past the anger, the control and make peace 6. A sense of sistahhood, find commonality and spend less time pulling each other down 7. A sense of brothas- yup they are part of the sky; yes they are human and needed too:) 8. A sense of youth and children- as they are more than our future, they are also our present 9. A sense of value-it is not about the hair, the clothes you wear or the bling you sling- you are a pearl of immeasurable wealth 10.A sense of community and politics; vote, participate, demonstrate, be an agent of change, not just an agent of critique What is on your list? Triple snaps, front and center!


Dr. G said...

I would gift those ten senses to every woman I love, if I could. So glad to read you!

Angela Grant said...

Finally, I think I may have found my community. You were recommended by a blogger, Claire Marie O'Brien,

Number 3 hit home and so did 5. Thank you for those reminders.