Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sonoma Scribes

Today I attended the first Meet-up for Sonoma County Scribes, in Santa Rosa. I met a group of interesting writers working in diverse genres. All had a passion for writing.

Some of us shared our writing. I shared two poems in progress. Also managed to scribble down more short lines in my "Print" and "Writing Journals."

Excited that I have found a new group of friends who love words.

My favorite writing teacher, Stefanie Freele, sent out announcements for her next writing workshop in October in Healdsburg. Workshop is called "A Sea of Prompts." I am ready for more nudging and inspiration to write.

Next week, going to Redwood Writers

Recipes and more coming soon!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Just found out that September is National Blog Posting Month .
Also just noticed that my last blog posting was 7/15/10. Crap! Where does the time go?
I have been working on recipes, writing snips in my longhand journal and idea book (my writing teacher Stefanie Freele calls it a print book). Somehow nothing is getting onto my blog page.

Time to start... even if it is day 3:)