Monday, February 21, 2011

When all else fails, a Black woman writes about hair:)


I haven't been blogging much lately. Twitter and Facebook have taken much of my Internet time. A trip to Puerto Rico for a month over the winter holidays diverted my focus. Details about my continued unemployment have also been a distraction. A few other obstacles have popped up- but going on would be TMI:)

I have been writing offline in bits and pieces with the nudging of writing workshops. Fragments are coming together.

I did submit a little comment about being happy to be nappy on MrsGrapevine's blog. The inspiration were "I love my Hair Sesame Street T-shirts." As a chocolate brown girl in the 60s I too had my issues about hair and how to wear it.

Here is the link, enjoy!


Sarah Allen said...

Haha, love it :) Great post, you have fantastic humor.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Anonymous said...

Lots of fantastic reading here, thanks! I had been searching on yahoo when I discovered your publish, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to much more from you.

Cida Medeiros said...

May 3rd. Great day! :-)

carenrich said...

I miss you. write some more.
Caren- no you don't know me, you inspire me and have for a long time!

Lauralee Moss said...

I have to tell you that when I was a little girl in the 80's, I made my mom fix my hair like the "chocolate brown girls" on Sesame Street. I had braids all over my head and of course, they would not stay in my hair well. They fell out and I cried because my hair didn't look like those girls on tv.

vanmedi said...

Hair is such a potentially divisive subject for people (women especially). I come from a multi-racial family. Many members of my clan have nappy hair. My Grandmama told me that at night, she would wash her hair and then wind it slowly pinning it flat against her head, and over the evening it would dry, in the morning she would unpin it and it would appear straight-ish. I can't believe how much work she had to go through every day, and all for straight hair!?! There are so many times, that I have wished that I had inherited her kinky hair. I would have grown it into a beautiful soft crown of elegant nappy curls. I love the fundamental message of your post -to love who you are.