Saturday, October 9, 2010

How to Cure- free write from A Sea of Prompts

My writing instructor Stefanie Freele encouraged me to post this free-write. Blogger has been on the fritz all week. Glad I am finally able to post.

How to Cure

Thin your life neatly into short pieces. Keep some edges rough, some smooth. Season lightly with salty tears, pepper with wisdom. Toss in chopped hopes, filagreed dreams and secret wishes. Saute over a low flame. Let some pieces carmelize, others braise and a few soften. Lightly turn and spread over life rice. If a few pieces fall on the ground, no worries. There is always more to grow, to harvest to cook.

Remember it is good to save some in an open vessel to let the light and air keep it all fresh.

Eats well sometimes as snack, often as a meal. Great to nibble on after a long fast or a short nap.

Serves one well.


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